Cowpower® desmanthus soil test comparison

Wyoming desmanthus soil test comparison shows superb capacity of Cowpower desmanthus to improve available nitrogen in soil.

Soil Test Results

March 2013 (Note nitrogen levels)

  1. Bambatsi only - 10kgs per hectare available nitrogen
  2. Bambatsi with desmanthus - 46kgs per hectare available nitrogen

Soils samples taken every 10 metres over 2 x 100 metre transects. 

  1. Bambatsi without desmanthus
  2. Bambatsi on same soil type but with desmanthus throughout.
  • Proven to persist and spread in Maranoa district pastures over 20 years.
  • Selected for its ability to be spread by cattle. Can be added to dry licks.
  • Proven to increase available soil nitrogen for improved pasture production.
  • Unaffected by the pasture dieback disorder.

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